More about Xerafy

Xerafy is a global provider of industrial rugged passive RFID tag solutions and is the first tag manufacturer to develop a UHF RFID tag that can be embedded into metal. Xerafy's products are some of the world’s smallest EPC UHF RFID-on-metal tags, able to withstand extreme conditions, harsh environments, and high temperatures while still maintaining high performance.

Xerafy Embeddable Tags

Xerafy’s Embeddable RFID tags are suited to applications at both point-of-manufacture and point-of-use.

Xerafy Metal Skin RFID Labels

Xerafy METAL SKIN series offers printable versatile On/Off Metal RFID labels that are engineered to perform for industrial systems.

Xerafy Rugged Metal Tags

Industrial RFID tags for manufacturing and production processes, offering consistent performance where reliability and safety cannot be compromised.

Xerafy Specialty Series

The innovative patent-pending antenna-free structure provides exceptional durability and RFID performance where everything else fails.

Xerafy Versatile On/Off Metal Tags

Cost-effective RFID hard tags optimized for the factory and the warehouse to deliver real-time visibility for every workflow and lifecycle.

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