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Government RFID & Barcodes

To better serve government customers, we proudly sell IT hardware for RFID & barcode systems via the GSA Catalog.

Located under Information Technology (GSA Schedule 70), in the Sub Category IT Hardware 33411 – atlasRFIDstore provides only high-quality RFID and barcoding products from reliable manufacturers. For more information on our MAS contract, email us at federal@atlasRFIDstore.com, or give us a call at 659-207-9536.

Schedule 70

Contract Number:

Contract Dates:
Feb 21, 2024 - Feb 21, 2029

GSA Schedule:
Information Technology Schedule 70 / IT Large

IT Hardware SIN - 33411
NAICS (primary) - 423430
NAICS (secondary) - 334111, 334112, 334419, 423690, 561499

Within our GSA Catalog, we provide IT hardware such as:



RFID Labels

Barcode Labels

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

Mobile Computers


USB RFID Readers

Handheld RFID Readers

Fixed RFID Readers

RFID Antenna Cable

Antenna Cables

RFID Accessories

Barcode Accessories

UHF RFID Printer

Barcode Printers

RFID Tag Printers

RFID Barcode Printer

Printer Accessories

Printer Ribbon

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For more information on our GSA contract, our GSA Schedule 70 or IT Hardware sub-category 33411, or our available products and brands – email us at federal@atlasRFIDstore.com or call us at 659-207-9536.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can RFID tags be printed and encoded for us?

Yes, at atlasRFIDstore we have a fully-staffed service bureau team that can work with your agency to take care of the printing and encoding of each RFID tag to save you time!

Is there an RFID solution that includes hardware & software?

There are variety of full RFID solutions on the market dedicated to a specific use case, like asset tracking. Our partner Avancir has created a full hardware and software solution that fits multiple use cases like work-in-progress, asset tracking, inventory management, and more. Learn more about Avancir.

Can a custom sized RFID tag be created for our application?

Yes, custom RFID tags and custom barcode labels are available to make per a customer's request. Typical custom RFID tag requests include RFID wristbands, RFID badges, RFID cards, and even custom-sized RFID labels. Get started creating a tag now.

How can I find an RFID tag that meets my exact size constraints?

atlasRFIDstore offers RFID tags and barcode labels in a variety of sizes, shapes, and form factors. Our team can work with you to find a tag that will fit your exact size dimensions, or help you create one!

Has atlasRFIDstore worked with local governments?

We have worked with all levels of government agencies, including the local sector. We've helped local governments with RFID applications like access control, asset management, inventory management, and more.

What are other RFID applications being used in the government today?

Department of Defense (Mandate) - Supply Chain Visibility

Department of Agriculture - Livestock Tracking

All Government Levels - Vehicle & Personnel Access Control

All Government Levels - IT Asset Tracking

Food & Drug Administration (Mandate - FSMA) - Food Tracability - Barcode or RFID

Food & Drug Administration (Mandate - DSCSA) - Pharmaceutical Traceability - Barcode or RFID

State Governments - Cannabis Tracking

All Government Levels - Asset Tracking

Federal, State Governments - Tolling

What is atlasRFIDstore's you GSA contract number?

Our GSA contract number is: 47QTCA24D005C - reach out to federal@atlasRFIDstore.com with any questions.

Which brands/manufacturers do you offer as part of your GSA MAS contract?

Currently in our GSA catalog (IT Large Category), we sell products from Zebra, Vulcan RFID, TSL & Avery Dennison.

Do you have RFID tags that meet the DoD mandate requirements?

Yes, please reach out to our RFID experts to learn which RFID tags we carry can be used for DoD shipments.

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Government RFID Applications

The government sector encompasses a wide variety of public services, on several different levels. Below are a few RFID applications that are currently being used in local, state, or federal governments.

Supply Chain Visibility

In 2005, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) mandated the use of RFID tags on all of their incoming shipments, creating a new standard for managing shipments and assets. By adhering RFID tags to each incoming shipment of assets, they could easily identify the contents of each shipment.

The value-adds in having a mandated system like RFID tags on each shipment and manufacturers or retailers complying with that standard include:

  • Efficiency - like any standard or process, the RFID mandate created a streamlined and efficient way to collect and report data on incoming shipments.
  • Consistancy - like any standard or process, the RFID mandate ensured that each shipment had the data that the DoD valued, in the same order, across all shipments.
  • Asset Management Records - once shipments arrive in stock, the DoD can start to create a digital record on shipments, and individual items to prevent loss.
  • Visibility - once shipments arrive in stock, the DoD can alert specific units or departments that their items have arrived.
  • Speed Up Allocation - most shipments that arrive at the DoD will either be altogether re-shipped to another location or unpacked and individual assets are split up and then re-combined with other assets. A digital record can be accessed when certain assets are scanned, which can speed up re-allocation throughout this massive department.

Asset Tracking

RFID Asset Tracking is critical for any government agencies or non-profit that has to document and report on purchased or donated assets. In these cases, it is usually essential to keep detailed records on each asset and it's usage in order to fulfill mandates, and ensure accountability and transparency in resource utilization.

RFID tags on these assets, can not only keep track of the last known location of the asset and assigned personnel, but assist in creating a detailed digital record for each asset. Some of the most popular assets that are tracked by government entities include:

  • IT Assets - Laptops, Servers, Radios, Barcode Scanners, Printers
  • Government Vehicles
  • Equipment & Machinery - Construction Equipment, Maintenance Equipment, Transportation Equipment
  • Military/Police Equipment - Weapons, Radios, Bullet-Proof Vests
  • Intelligence Equipment - Drones, Satellites, Cameras, Signal Interceptors
  • Paper Assets - Zoning Documents, Permits, Licenses, Historical Records, City Plans
  • Livestock Assets - Mandated livestock under the Department of Agriculture
  • Library Books & Media

Access Control

Government entities use RFID access control in a variety of ways depending on whether its vehicles or people.

Restrict access to Vehicles:

  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Restricted Roads
  • Military Bases

Restrict access to People:

  • Government Buildings
  • Restricted Floors/Areas
  • Restricted Rooms
  • Outdoor Restricted Areas

RFID for access control was one of the first widespread RFID applications, and is still one of the most popular. The reasons that RFID is so successful with access control is because it's very accurate, read range is customizable (frequency range dependent), and with the right software, it can be very user-friendly. In the government sector, restricting access is incredibly important in order to maintain protocols around data, assets, and technology.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is another area similar to Asset Tracking, in which government entities are expected to keep detailed records. Inventory management is slightly different in that inventory items are depleted upon use, making their digital records slightly shorter than a typical long-term asset.

Because these items are bought and depleted, it's important to maintain appropriate stock levels, which cannot be done unless they are regularly inventoried and managed. Some examples of inventory items that are tracked using RFID in the government sector include:

  • Emergency Supplies
  • Medical Supplies (PPE)
  • Vehicle & Equipment Parts
  • Office Supplies
  • Construction Materials
  • Food & Catering Supplies
  • Uniforms & Clothing
  • Public Works Materials
  • Public Transportation Supplies

Here are the most popular resources based on the requests by our government customers. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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