More about Impinj

Impinj RFID

Founded in 2000, Impinj is a leading manufacturer of UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions for identifying, locating, and authenticating everyday items across a wide array of markets. By offering the only integrated set of RFID hardware, software, and application interface, Impinj provides cost effective RFID chips, readers, software, gateways, and antennas with unprecedented performance.

Impinj RFID Readers

Impinj RFID Readers are edge devices that read, write, and authenticate RFID tags.

Impinj RFID Antennas

Impinj provides antenna hubs and antennas.

Impinj Connected Tags

The Impinj family of tag chips deliver high performance, flexible memory options, and extended features to RAIN RFID tags.

Impinj Software

Impinj RAIN RFID software manages, configures, and delivers intelligent data processing to edge devices and smart items.