Track What Matters

Easily adaptable and scalable as your priorities evolve, Avancir is the complete RFID software platform that brings your digital and physical worlds together.

See It In Action

Experience Avancir's power in a live demo to explore the real-time functionality, and address your business needs in interactive sessions.

Asset Tracking

Avancir excels in tracking and managing company assets at any scale. With streamlined asset audits, tasks once taking hours now takes mere seconds, freeing you to focus on data analysis rather than audit logistics. 

Inventory Management

Let Avancir transform your inventory management. By slashing cycle count times by 95%, we alleviate the time-consuming burden that often plagues retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.


Keep track of your totes, drums, pallets, and containers as they travel through your processes as well as to and from your customers’ facilities. Link relevant information, such as a PO# or Customer ID, to the RTI to gain visibility into your resource allocation.

Order Verification

Any company fulfilling and shipping orders to customers knows that shipment accuracy is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Avancir provides the peace of mind that the correct items and quantities are sent on time and error-free.

Item Verification

In highly regulated industries, maintaining compliance with mandates is crucial. Utilize Avancir's user-friendly GS1 decoding module and verification features to guarantee precision in packaging.

Track What Matters

Ready to deploy and scalable to grow, Avancir is the complete RFID software platform that scales with you.

Avancir Advantages

Expedite processes

Mitigate loss

Near 100% visibility

Link info to assets

No extra steps

Recognize trends

Preempt errors

Remove human limitations

Features Basic Pro Enterprise

Item Data Management



Item Links




Email Notifications

SMS Notifications   FUTURE  

Push Notifications   FUTURE  

Items Map   FUTURE  

Facility Map   FUTURE  

Attachments   FUTURE  

Full Data Exports   FUTURE  

Custom Reports   FUTURE       NO ADD-ON    

up to 3

Device Management

Device Monitoring   FUTURE    

Sites   FUTURE       NO ADD-ON    




3 per site

Single Sign-On
(OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0)

User Management

Group Management

Role (Permissions) Management

Base Tier Price (Monthly)








Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my RFID software setup take?

After a single-day setup, you can start getting clarity on your assets, inventory, and processes. Get the data you need to finally move your business forward in 4 weeks or less.

How does Avancir integrate with my existing system?

Avancir is pre-built with an open API and webhook notifications to support secure data exchange with other systems, either through lightweight automations or through a fully managed integration platform.

Can I use my existing barcode labels or RFID tags?

Absolutely! Easily pull data into Avancir through an integration or capture existing barcode and RFID data with customizable activities.

Can Avancir be configured to meet my unique business needs?

Yes! Easily create custom fields, statuses, locations, dashboards, and wizard-like activities with cross-device functionality via your desktop, mobile devices and readers, or app.

What kind of support can I expect?

Your out-of-the-box RFID software includes pre-built documentation and hands-on support information. We back up our software with professional expertise to help you use the powerful SaaS platform to solve problems and improve processes. We’re always available to answer questions.

How many items can I track at the same time?

Avancir’s modern architecture allows you to scale it to meet any size job, whether it’s running in the cloud or on your network, to meet any process challenge, even as your inventory and assets grow.

Is Avancir pricing based on number of users or devices?

No. Avancir is designed to be the most cost-effective solution to scale with your business needs. We believe the people and partners working with your data should be represented in the system at no additional charge.

How long does it take Avancir to adapt to my evolving business?

We suggest starting small to verify where you’re seeing the most value provided by the system before expanding into other parts of your business. With Avancir’s configuration abilities, you can make changes and test them out within hours instead of weeks.

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