The Insider's Guide to Working With RFID

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Topics Covered In The Book

Types of RFID

Low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, and the electromagnetic spectrum.


How do RFID tags work? Discover the types of tags, customization options, & more.

RFID Antennas

Learn about what to look for and how to choose one based on your system needs.

RFID Readers

Learn to distinguish the types of RFID readers and options available.

RFID Cables

Learn about the components that make up coaxial cables and differences among connections.

RFID Printers

Discover the types of RFID printers and when you should invest in your own printer.

RFID Software

Take a look into the common software components of most RFID systems.

RFID Concepts

From regional regulations to environmental factors, learn important concepts about RFID.

Questions & Answers

Your most common questions about deploying your RFID system - answered!

About The Author

Suzanne Smiley

Suzanne Smiley is the Director of Content at atlasRFIDstore. She loves learning and writing about RFID and is a chief contributor to RFIDInsider.

The Insider's Guide to Working with RFID

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