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We are constantly creating new resources in all forms - whether you prefer reading paperback books, online articles and guides, or videos and graphics, we have you covered. Because we are constantly adding new information, we have created our Featured Resources section with the newest resources or updates available to you.

UHF RFID EPC Memory Bank: What is the CRC-16?

Published 08/4/2021

Checkout our new article on RFID Insider - to learn about an RFID tag's CRC-16 and 16-bit Protocol Control Number and how they affect reading tags in demo software, like Impinj's ItemTest. Click the button below to read the Article!

ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader - Quickly Get Started Reading UHF RFID Tags

Published 10/06/2021

Checkout our new video featuring the ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader that walks you through plugging your ThingMagic Elara in via the integrated 3 ft USB cable and reading UHF RFID tags. Click the button below to watch the video!

12 GS1 Identification Schemes / Encoding Schemes and Their Purpose

Checkout our new article about GS1's 12 Identification Schemes - CPID, GTIN, GIAI, GLN, SSCC, GSIN, GINC, GRAI, GDTI, GCN, GSRN, GMN. These Encoding Schemes are created so that assets / products or even shipments / relationships can be identified and understood at any point in the supply chain. Click the button below to read more!

Specialty Barcodes, Symbologies, and Parsing Capabilities

Published 09/13/2021

Checkout our new article that explains some unique specialty barcodes, symbologies like OCR (or Optical Character Recognition), and discusses Parsing Capabilities like those used by the Department of Defense (DoD). Click the button below to read the article!


NFC Bundle - Tap & Go

Checkout our new article bundle on Near-Field Communication that is dedicated to teaching you about NFC, answering your burning questions, and then step-by-step demonstrating how to encode an NFC tag and tap and go!

ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader - Product Overview

Published 10/06/2021

Checkout our new video featuring the ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader where we walk you through a quick product overview of this, plug-and-play RFID Reader. Click the button below to watch!

NFC Tutorial: How-to Write a URL to an NFC Tag

Published 06/15/2021

Checkout our new video and article on how to write a URL to an NFC tag and use it in the office. This tutorial walks you through downloading an NFC writing app, writing to an NFC tag, and then using it on a marketing flyer. Click the button below to watch!

Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader: Tech Specs, Features, & Key Highlights

Published 09/20/2021

Checkout our new video that introduces you to the all about the new, Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader. Click the button below to watch!


One of our most popular resources to date is our RFID Roadmap. Whether you are brand new to RFID or a little rusty on certain aspects, our RFID Roadmap can easily help you get started. With 10 different specific RFID topics and two unique learning paths, this RFID Roadmap is key to mastering RFID basics, beginner concepts, and hardware functionality. If you can't find something specific on the Roadmap - we have hundreds of articles available to you on our blog.


With a collection of 24 ebooks and guides and counting, it's safe to say that at you can find one of the largest collections of downloadable RFID content available. Because we are a brand-agnostic hardware retailer, none of our guides will push you towards certain hardware, tags, or software; but instead, simply teach you the importance of certain features/options in relation to real-world RFID applications. If you are looking for more information on a certain topic, and do not see a related resource below, feel free to contact us.

The Insider's Guide to Working With RFID

Instead of a jargon-filled whitepaper that leaves you stumped, our 184-page book creates an easy-to-understand approach to Radio Frequency Identification and the most important concepts that go along with it. This book covers individual system components like tags, antennas, readers, and cables and then explains how they work together to create a seamless system. For a limited time only, download the free digital copy here (compatible with most eReaders) or get your hands on the paper-back version, available here.

[PDF] Asset Tracking Bundle - Includes: Asset Tracking Examples, Articles, & an Asset Tracking Guide and Questionnaire

[PDF] NFC Bundle - Includes: Infographic RFID vs. NFC, Common NFC Applications, How to Write an NFC Tag and more!

[PDF] Race Timing Bundle - Includes: Race Timing Series Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

[PDF] NFC for Marketing Bundle - Includes: Examples of NFC in Marketing, How to Use NFC for Smart Posters & Smart Ads, and more!


If you are looking to do more research on RFID applications, the RFID Technology Hub is exactly where you need to be. The RFID Technology Hub takes a new approach to RFID applications - instead of trying to fit your specific application into a pre-existing category, for example IT Asset Tracking, you have the option of choosing one of the 5 broader categories below to learn more. Each page has key information and frequently asked questions/answers about the type of application or the application itself.

Checkout the three options below to choose how you start exploring RFID applications within the Hub.


Start from Scratch - Tour the hub and learn about what each category includes and application examples. If you have no idea about RFID or RFID applications - this is your place!


Broad Category Learning - If you know about RFID, have a general idea of what your problem is, and are looking to learn about the broader concept of an RFID application and what is involved - this is a good starting place!


Jump Straight In - If you know what you are looking for and would rather get straight to your application, click on one of the choices below. (More applications coming soon)

Track Assets  • Manage Inventory  • Gather Data: People  • Gather Data: Objects  • Authentication  • RFID Kiosks  • Shipment Verification • Vehicle Identification • Marketing  • NFC  • IoT • Interact with Vehicles • File Tracking  • Hospital Asset Tracking  • Laundry & Textile Tracking • Preventative Maintenance • Returnable Transit Items (RTI)  • Tool Tracking  • Transportation Asset Tracking • IT Asset Management (ITAM)  • Herd Management  • Hospital Inventory Control • Luxury Inventory Tracking • Logistics & Supply Chain Management (SCM) • Retail Inventory Management • Vehicle Inventory Management • Attendee Tracking  • Race Timing  • Sports Metrics • Attendance Tracking • Cold Chain Storage • Telemetry & Sensors  • Tolling  • Vehicle Data • Access Control: Buildings  • Access Control: Vehicles • Access Control: Neighborhoods • Event Management



Because we are an online retailer that sells worldwide, we work with customers in over 50 countries in order to help them achieve success with RFID. Every customer’s application is different, and so is their measure of success. Whether RFID is enabling 99.9% read rates while timing marathons in California, or keeping track of bins containing custom steel machinery parts as they work their way through enormous casting houses in Wisconsin – we’ve seen it. Take a look at one of our Customer Profiles below, or if you are interested in working with us to create one about your unique RFID Application, click the button below.



In order to put some RFID concepts or information into perspective, we’ve created some infographics to help. Our RFID vs. NFC infographic is one of our most popular resources to date because it helps our customers understand RFID and NFC and how they relate to each other. NFC, or Near-Field Communication, is now available on most smart devices – so the applications are endless, click on the ebook cover below the eBook cover to learn more.


Our Tools & Templates section was created with your learning and buying process in mind. In this section, we will continue to add easy-to-understand comparison guides, worksheets designed for the testing process, and conversion tables. These resources are set up for easy downloading or printing in order to make learning, comparing, testing, buying, and using RFID equipment easier.

Identix RFID Readers - Comparison Guide

RFID Tag Testing Worksheet

Wearable Barcode Scanner - Comparison Guide

Don’t see what you are looking for? Send us an email at with the tool or template you’ve been looking for and we will try to find what you need!


Did you know that we have an RFID Support Page dedicated not only to answering common customer questions, but also to guiding you through setting up popular RFID readers and printers? It’s true. Click on the link below to read articles such as: Using Universal Reader Assistant, Setting Up Your TSL 1128 Reader, and Troubleshooting Zebra ZT410 RFID Printer Issues.


Our RFID printing and encoding services are offered on almost every RFID tag that we sell. In order to answer your biggest questions about this in-house service, we put together some resources that will guide you through the so you know what to expect when you click the “Add Printing and Encoding” button at checkout.


Whether you are struggling between ‘Antenna’ and ‘Tag Antenna’ or stumbling over the concept of ‘Multipath’ – we understand. RFID is relatively new technology that is filled with enough new terms and concepts to fill a small dictionary. Instead of a dictionary, we have created one page filled with RFID terminology that is continually updated. If you are new to RFID, this might be a good place for a bookmark (in our opinion).

Active Tag: noun

An RFID tag that has its own power source that sends signals to the readers and antennas. Usually has a battery life of 5-10 years.

Decibel: noun

A unit of measurement that represents the difference in the intensity of an emitted signal or level of power when 0 dB is used as the reference. dB is used to measure antenna gain, cable losses, and reader power output.

Singulate: verb

A method that an RFID reader uses to be able to identify the unique identification number on a specific tag and distinguish it from the other tags in the same area.


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