More about Tageos

Founded in 2007 by French RFID entrepreneurs, Tageos is one of the world’s leading design and manufacturing innovators of 100% paper-based UHF RFID labels for item-level tagging of business assets and consumer goods. Tageos is driven by one key aim: to provide high performing item-level RFID labels at a significantly lower cost. With a comprehensive portfolio of ready-to-use RFID labels certified for use in the 860 to 960 MHz frequency band worldwide, Tageos supports its global customers in various industries. 

Tageos specializes in offering sustainable item-level tagging products that contain 50% less glue and 90% less waste without compromising performance. Each tag is inspected throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure high quality products with the same performance level of traditional plastic inlay-based tags. These globally patented 100% paper-based RFID labels are an ideal solution for apparel, healthcare, jewelry, logistics, asset tracking, and cosmetics applications.