RFID Roadmap

RFID Roadmap

This roadmap will help you navigate the wealth of information on the RFID Insider blog. Whether your current level of knowledge is beginner, intermediate, or advanced - this guide will help you decide where to start or continue learning about RFID. If you don't see something specific that you are looking for here, hundreds of additional posts are available on our blog, as well as eBooks, Infographics, and Videos on our Resources page and YouTube channel. As always, contact us with any questions you may have.

Roadmap Key Topics

RFID Overview

Learn the basics of Radio Frequency Identification and how it is used today.

RFID Readers

Learn RFID Reader basics and about different types and functionalities.

RFID Antennas

Learn RFID Antenna basics and about different types and functionalities.


Learn RFID Tag basics and about different types and functionalities.

Hardware, Software, & Firmware's Role in RFID

Learn the differences and functionalities of Hardware, Software, and Firmware.

Auxiliary Equipment

Learn about how Auxiliary Equipment can make a big impact on your system.

Advanced Principles

Learn the advanced principles behind how RFID systems communicate.

Ideal Equipment Performance

Learn about fine tuning your RFID equipment for ideal performance.

Deploying Your RFID System

Learn the most important questions to ask yourself when deploying an RFID system.

Different Types of RFID

Learn more about the different types of RFID and when to use one versus another.


For a quicker, crash course through RFID - follow the starred posts.

RFID Overview

What is RFID? The Beginner's Guide to RFID Systems
Learn the basics about RFID - along with what it isn't, it's history, and popular applications.

A Guide to Types of RFID and How They Are Used
Walk through the 3 basic frequencies associated with RFID and learn how they are used today.

How is RFID Used in Real World Applications?
See how RFID is being used in various applications all over the world

Learning About RFID Readers

How to Select a UHF RFID Reader
Read about how RFID readers vary in operating frequency, region, and antenna ports.

Integrated vs. Fixed RFID Readers
Understand the different types of hardware that make up an RFID system.

Intro to RFID Readers: Basic Options & Features
Decide which RFID reader features and options are needed for your application.

Learning About RFID Antennas

3 Guidelines For Choosing A Passive UHF RFID Antenna
Review the 3 basic guidelines of selecting a UHF RFID antenna: frequency, gain & beamwidth, and polarization.

Circular Polarization vs. Linear Polarization: Which is the Right RFID Antenna
Know the difference between circular and linear polarization; choosing incorrectly could mean the difference between a 99% tp 0% read rate.

Understanding Near-Field and Far-Field Antennas
Select the right type of antennas for your application - near-field (proximity to just over a foot) or far-field (a few to many feet).

RFID Antennas: Beamwidth & Directivity
Understand where the RFID antenna will direct RF energy in order to help define a read zone.

#9 Tactics For Choosing An RFID Antenna
Take a comprehensive look at the key specifications used to select the right antenna for any RFID application

Learning About RFID Tags

RFID Basics: What is an RFID Tag?
Learn the methods by which RFID tags communicate.

Parts of an RFID Tag
A visual guide to the different parts of an RFID tag.

3 Things to Know About UHF RFID Tags
Discover the 3 core differences that separate one RFID tag from another.

The Best RFID Tag For Your Application: 7 Key Factors to Consider
Choose the best RFID tag for your application using these 7 guidelines.

RFID on Metal: A Few Things You Should Know about RFID and Metal Surfaces
Mitigate interference associated with on-metal tagging using these helpful tips.

Types of Memory in RFID Tags
Know what each memory bank does and when you should use it.

Hardware, Software, & Firmware's Role in RFID

Firmware, Middleware, Software: What's the Difference?
Differentiate between the 3 types of software and understand how each can be used in an RFID system.

RFID Firmware: 8 Common Questions Answered
Learn about keeping your reader's firmware functioning properly.

6 Things RFID Middleware Can Do For You
Find out how middleware can take RFID reads and turn them into real, manageable data in other software programs.

Auxiliary Equipment

A Guide to Cables, Connectors, and Adapters
Avoid some of the most common purchasing mistakes that center around RFID cables and connectors.

A Guide to RFID Printers
Read about how these printers can save time and money.

When Should I Invest in an RFID Printer
Determine when to cross the line between manual and automated encoding.

General Purpose Input / Output Devices
Enable additional functionalities using GPIO boxes and other devices for all types of RFID applications.

Advanced Principles

RFID Physics: How Does Energy Flow in an RFID System
Understand how RF energy flows through an RFID system to gain insight into what can and cannot be accomplished using RFID.

Operating Principles: Coupling
Discover how different coupling methods can be used to set up an application for ideal communication.

UHF RFID Tag Communications: Protocols & Standards
Avoid interference with other communication systems and ensure compliance with regulatory agencies.

Understanding and Planning for RFID Multipath Environments
Learn how reflections, refractions, and absorption affect an RFID system and learn to overcome null zones.

How to Create the Optimal Short Range UHF RFID System
Gather tips for getting the exact amount of read range you need, and not a foot more.

UHF RFID Security Measures
Know what makes an RFID tag secure and check out options available to combat threats.

Custom Protocols and Interfaces: Understanding the Benefits
See which manufacturers add benefits to their hardware that you won't find anywhere else.

Ideal Equipment Performance

6 Factors that Affect RFID Read Range
Find out how these 6 factors affect read range, and take your RFID system to the next level.

RFID Antenna Cables: Getting the Highest Performance Possible
Fight the loss of power between reader and antenna by using the right type of cable.

Which Applications Need High Memory RFID Tags?
Determine if your applications need tags that store excess data or if database association will suffice.

Pitch, Yaw, and Roll: Positioning RFID Tags
See how orientiation and angle affect the ability to read RFID tags.

Five Ways to Attach RFID Tags
Improve read rates by using the correct tag attachemnt method for your application.

Locking Memory on Gen 2 RFID Tags
Learn about when an RFID tag's memory is locked, when it is not, & how you can protect it with a password.

Deploying Your RFID System

RFID tag Best Practices: 13 Tips for in the Field Tagging
Ensure visibility of assets in the field by following these tagging practices.

The Importance of Testing RFID Solutions
Discover the single biggest key to deploying a seccessful RFID system.

RFID Challenges: When to Look at Options and When to Keep Moving Forward
Determine when RFID is a good fit for your application and when it is not.

Deploying RFID
Read a guide that walks you through, and answers some of, the biggest questions surrounding RFID depolyment.

Different Types of RFID

Understand what NFC is, how it can be used, and how it differs from other forms of RFID.

Active vs. Passive RFID: What's the Difference?
Know when Active RFID or Passive RFID is a better fit for your application.

GPS vs. Active RFID: What are the Top Differences?
Find out when to use GPS instead of Active RFID as well as when they may be combined to achieve maximum effectiveness.

What Are BAP RFID Tags?
Learn how Battery-Assisted Passive tags can provide more range than traditional passive RFID tags.

Sensor Monitoring with RFID
Track temperature, humidity, moisture, or movement using specialized RFID tags.

iBeacon Technology
See how companies are using iBeacon technology around the world to understand their customers.

A Primer On the Internet of Things and RFID
Discover how connected devices using RFID are creating a movement called The Internet of Things.

We hope this roadmap helped you gain a good, working knowledge of RFID technology. Quite a few posts are available on our blog, RFID Insider, that unfortunately didn't make this map - so feel free to browse around and see the new posts, news stories, or product-specific posts that are also available. For any questions not answered in this guide or on our blog, please feel free to contact us through our website chat feature, blog comments, email, or by simply giving us a call. Thanks for reading!