Handheld Mobile Computers

More about Handheld Mobile Computers

Handheld Mobile Computers are designed to boost mobile workforce productivity and operational efficiency across a wide range of environments and industries. Handheld Mobile Computers offer both the functionality of a PC and scanner in one single device. These small and lightweight devices are easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to support. With trusted protection against the most challenging environmental factors, Handheld Mobile Computers provide multi-purpose utility in an ergonomic form factor. These rugged and fully-configurable devices are available with advanced scanning technology, a full range of communication options, built-in software intelligence, integrated voice and data technology, touchscreen and/or keyboard displays, and familiar operating systems for simple integration and deployment. Purpose-built for the task at hand, Handheld Mobile Computers are highly-versatile devices ideally suited for a broad range of applications including but not limited to retail, manufacturing, warehouse management, transportation and logistics, field mobility, and healthcare.