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Avery Dennison is the world’s largest global distributor and manufacturer of high-quality RFID solutions across a wide array of industries and applications. Avery Dennison’s comprehensive portfolio of field-proven RFID products enables organizations and businesses across the globe to improve their processes, become more efficient, enhance customer experience, and increase sales.

From RFID smart labels to RFID temperature sensors, Avery Dennison's extensive portfolio of RFID technology covers a wide range of inlay designs for operation in the UHF, HF, and NFC frequency bands. Their cost-effective RFID products are an ideal solution for item-level retail and apparel, pharmaceutical and healthcare, transportation, industrial logistics and manufacturing, brand protection and product authentication, supply chain, inventory and logistics, library and media documents, and contactless cards and tickets applications.

NOTE: Avery Dennison acquired Smartrac's RFID transponder business in 2020. The combination of the two companies creates the broadest RFID portfolio in the market.

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