NFC Readers

NFC readers use active and passive actions to power contactless payments, scan access cards, authenticate products and merchandise, and more. Browse NFC tag readers below for data transfer, quick pairing, and more.

More about NFC Readers

Operating in a frequency range centered on 13.56 MHz, Near Field Communication (NFC) readers enable contactless, short-range communication between compatible devices at close proximity. Compliant with ISO 14443 A/B (parts 2-4) standards, NFC readers are specialized devices designed to communicate with an NFC tag or NFC card to read and write data.

NFC readers are active devices that are capable of both sending and receiving data. They can communicate with other active and passive NFC-enabled devices located a few centimeters apart. Offering a communication range of 0 to 10 centimeters (0 to 4 inches), NFC readers are typically smaller devices that mimic the size and shape of a standard smartphone.

NFC is a rapidly growing wireless, short-range that provides simple and secure communication. The number of use cases for NFC technology expands daily. NFC readers are designed to improve convenience making them an ideal solution for access control, consumer electronics, transport, payments, healthcare, information collection, information exchange, coupons, and ticketing applications.