Impinj RFID Antennas

More about Impinj RFID Antennas

Impinj offers numerous RFID antennas varying in range, specifications, and frequencies. Optimized for item-level operation, the Impinj RFID reader antenna family delivers performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust item intelligence solutions. While optimized for use with the Speedway Revolution reader family, the Impinj RFID reader antenna family will work with the majority of readers to provide innovative solutions to real world problems.

Equipped with application-optimized read ranges and application-optimized beam width, Impinj reader antennas increase efficiency, achieve greater accuracy, and improve the consumer experience. All Impinj RFID Antennas, with the exception of the Mini-Guardrail and Matchbox antennas, ship standard with a two-meter long cable. The Guardwall RFID antennas requires two RFID reader antenna ports and ships standard with two RFID Antenna cables. Additional RFID antenna cables are available to ensure maximum reader and antenna performance.