Impinj Speedway Revolution GPIO Box



Impinj Speedway Revolution GPIO Box

Impinj designed the Speedway Revolution GPIO Box for use with the Speedway Revolution reader to provide convenient access to the reader’s GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) port. The GPIO Box interfaces with the reader via a supplied HD15 cable, and separates each input and output signal to easy-access screw terminals. Neighboring ground and power terminals accompany each signal terminal to easily connect three-wire devices. The GPIO Box also includes an on-board relay to interface with devices require high wattage or an open/short signal. A universal power supply end line cord is also required if the 5VDC supplied by the reader is insufficient (not included, purchase separately).

Data Sheet  Impinj Speedway Revolution GPIO Box


What is included?

  • Speedway Revolution GPIO Box Unit
  • Reader to GPIO box connector cable

Why buy thisProduct?

The Impinj Speedway Revolution GPIO Box interfaces with your Speedway Revolutions reader to seperate your inputs and outputs in your reader for easy access.


  • Easy-access screw terminals.
  • Power and ground terminals for each input and output.
  • Each output can provide 250mA at 24V with optional external universal power supply.
  • SPDT Relay output capable of 5A at 240VAC.
  • Ability to use reader-supplied 5V for low power digital applications, including the SPDT Relay.
  • Highly visible LED indicators for each input and output eases troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Access to reader’s RS-232 serial interface.


Note: Only use the supplied HD15 cable. Use of a standard VGA cable may damage the reader.

Product Details

Max 30V
250 mA
250 mA
15 kΩ
IP Rating:
IP 54
Operating Temperature:
-25 to +55 °C (-13 to +131 °F)