Printable Metal-Mount RFID Tags

More about Printable Metal-Mount RFID Tags

When you’re mounting RFID tags on metal surfaces or metal products, you should be aware that if you use non metal mount RFID tags, your system will not function as desired as the metal will detune any passive RFID tag that is not designed to be placed on metal. Using tags that are specifically calibrated to the materials you need to track makes reading, tracking, and inventorying them easier and provides for greater read range. Metal mount RFID tags are typically rugged, difficult to damage, and easy to weld, screw or otherwise attach.

While many metal-mount RFID tags cannot be printed with standard RFID printers because of their increased thickness, this category represents metal-mount RFID tags that are still printable. 

Note: does not guarantee that these RFID tags will be printable by all RFID printers. If you have a question about the compatibility of a RFID tag with your RFID printer, please contact us.

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