Vulcan RFID

More about Vulcan RFID

Vulcan RFID offers a broad range of innovative RFID readers, antennas, custom RFID tags, and accessories suited for a wide variety of industries and applications. Designed to deliver superior accuracy and reliability, Vulcan RFID products offer exceptional flexibility and performance. Vulcan RFID delivers an extensive product portfolio that includes both UHF and NFC products that support a large variety of market solutions. Manufactured to withstand environments ranging from mild to extreme, Vulcan RFID products enable end-users to reach and sustain high levels of performance in the UHF or NFC frequency bands.

Vulcan RFID Readers

Vulcan RFID readers bridge the gap between innovation and practicality.

Vulcan RFID Antennas

Vulcan RFID offers an extensive collection of cost-effective UHF RFID antennas designed to maximize the RF performance and coverage area of an RFID system.

Vulcan RFID Tags

Vulcan RFID tags are designed to resist abrasion, caustics/acids, solvents, salt air, high temperatures, and UV rays.

Vulcan RFID Inlays

Available in a variety of form factors and IC options, the Vulcan RFID portfolio includes inlays & labels ideal for a wide range of applications that demand optimal performance.

Vulcan RFID Cables

With the ability to custom build cables of any length and connector combination, Vulcan RFID cables are ideally suited for any application.

Vulcan RFID Accessories & Hardware

Including hardware, software, and ancillary products, Vulcan RFID provides high quality accessories to support and complete your system.