Spec W1 RFID Tags

More about Spec W1 RFID Tags

atlasRFIDstore offers a wide range of UHF RFID tags certified by the Auburn University RFID Lab ARC Program. The purpose of the ARC Program is to ensure that RFID tags are able to meet or exceed the levels of performance and quality necessary to provide benefit to the End user in a consistent and cost effective manner. The tags in this category are included on the approved inlay list by the ARC Program at Auburn University's RFID Lab when used in retail applications, meet Walmart's RFID tag supplier manadate, and comply with category W1. Refer to the chart below to see the assigned departments and sub-categories for spec W1.

 Retailer  Department  Subcategory
 Walmart  D23 - Mens  Apparel
 Walmart  D24 - Boys  Apparel
 Walmart  D26 - Baby/IT  Apparel
 Walmart  D29 - Hosiery  Not Published
 Walmart  D29 - Ladies Sleepwear  Primary Hangtag
 Walmart  D29 - Ladies Sleepwear  Polybagged Underwear, Boxed Apparel
 Walmart  D33 - Girls  Apparel
 Walmart  D34 - Juniors/Ladies  Apparel
 Walmart  D34 - Ladies Plus  Apparel
 Walmart  D34 - Outerwear  Apparel
 Walmart  D41 - Team Sports  Apparel