RFID Wet Inlays

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RFID Wet Inlays are described as “wet” due to their adhesive backing, so they are essentially industrial RFID stickers. Passive RFID Tags are comprised of two parts: an integrated circuit for storing and processing information and an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. They have no internal power supply. RFID Wet Inlays are best for applications where a low-cost “peel-and-stick” tag is needed. Any RFID Wet Inlay can also be converted into a paper or synthetic face label.

Atlas offers almost every RFID Wet Inlay on the market, including the Smartrac Dogbone and Alien Squiggle. We are continually updating and adding RFID products to our website; however, if there is a particular Wet Inlay you are searching for, but cannot find, please contact us as we will likely be able to provide it for you.

We can custom print and encode your tags. Click here to request info.
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