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Xtreme RFID

Xtreme RFID, a subsidiary of Cascade Engineering, is a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of encapsulated rugged RFID tags for asset management in the harshest environments. Xtreme RFID offers a variety of one-piece, fully encapsulated, rugged RFID tags engineered for high performance, durability, and longevity while withstanding extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals, UV, seasonal climates, pressure, multiple impacts, vibrations and more. With the highest ingress protection rating of IP68, Xtreme's RFID tags ensure complete resistance to common industrial elements during use in asset tracking applications such as automotive, commercial fishing, construction, food processing, forestry, manufacturing, mining, waste industries, and agriculture.

We continually update and add RFID products to our website; however, if you are unable to locate a particular Xtreme RFID tag, please contact us , as we will likely be able to provide the product for you. Our highly-experienced sales team is available at all times to guide and assist with your RFID hardware needs.

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