More about ThingMagic

ThingMagic, a division of JADAK, is a leading manufacturer and provider of EPC Gen 2 embedded and fixed RFID technology. ThingMagic's extensive portfolio of embedded RFID modules, finished RFID readers, and RFID solutions offer superior performance in diverse conditions

ThingMagic RFID Readers

Built upon ThingMagic's own UHF reader modules, ThingMagic readers provide high-performance reading and writing of RFID tags.

ThingMagic UHF RFID Reader Modules

ThingMagic UHF Modules offer powerful, embeddable RFID tech intended for OEMs designing a broad range of applications.

ThingMagic NFC and LF Reader Modules

ThingMagic NFC, HF, and LF modules offer a variety of opportunities for shorter read range applications.

ThingMagic Accessories

ThingMagic offers high-quality RFID accessories that ensure maximum reader and antenna performance.