Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader Overview | Product Specs, Features & Key Highlights


Welcome to this video that will introduce you to the  Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader. This video will provide a product overview, product technical specifications, features, and key highlights of the Impinj R700. To watch this video on YouTube - click here.

Video Script

Welcome to this short product overview for the Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader.

The Impinj R700 was released in early 2020, and designed for next-generation IoT Solutions with a core focus on high performance and reliability. Let’s checkout the R700’s new form factor.

The R700 is only slightly longer, but with a shorter width, than its predecessor, the R420, and still maintains the same slim form factor of 1.2 inches in height.

Impinj’s R700 has a few significant upgrades when compared to similar RFID readers on the market, and the two standouts are the  Transmit Power and Receive Sensitivity. With a Transmit Power of 33 dBm, and a -92 dBm Receive Sensitivity, the Impinj R700 pushes the boundaries of what is possible in terms of RFID read range. The max read rate of 1,100 tags per second is the new standard for Fixed RFID Readers, which is high compared to other RFID readers with a max read rate of 750 tags per second.

The R700 was designed to easily integrate into any system. It contains 2x the processor speed, 4x the ram as its predecessor, the R420 along with a new REST API option.

    Now let’s look at the new features of the Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader -

    • First there’s the integrated GPIO - which means there is no need for the GPIO adapter when using more than 4 RFID Antennas and an RFID Antenna Hub.
    • The higher processing power is ideal for high volume data applications.
    • Gigabit Ethernet Network Connectivity will increase your data rate to 1 billion bits per second.
    • 3 USB Ports for peripheral devices, such as a USB Wi-Fi Adapter - take a look at the video description for supported Wi-Fi adapters.
    • The new IoT Interface allows developers to easily connect to IoT applications in order to process events in real-time either through Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, or MQTT, or streamed through Apache Kafka.
    • Another option for developers is their new, fully supported, REST APIs. and the descriptions are available in the video description below and the link on screen now.


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