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Kathrein RFID Antennas

The new Kathrein antenna family consists of various UHF reader antennas, which can meet the needs of virtually any RFID application. The antennas are divided into three product lines with respect to the reading range: low range, mid range and wide range antennas.

Furthermore, Kathrein offers © KRAI Antennas which allow for the use of up to 4 antennas simultaneously in any combination with a Kathrein © KRAI enabled RFID reader. Kathrein © KRAI Smart Shelf Antennas have two ports to allow for the chaining of antennas together. A maximum of 8 Smart Shelf Antenna can be cascaded at a single antenna port allowing for selective access to up to 32 individual antennas. The phase control elements integrated into the Kathrein Wide Range 70° RFID © KRAI Antenna enables static or dynamic adjustments of antenna characteristics. Due to this, four different polarizations can be selected: RHCP, LHCP, horizontal linear, and vertical linear. One can choose between static polarization and automatic switch-over.

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