Impinj ItemSense Software



Impinj ItemSense Software

Impinj ItemSense is software that provides access to item-level RFID data through enterprise applications by aggregating and transforming raw RFID data into real-time, business-driven Item Intelligence. ItemSense also centralizes, automates, and simplifies the management and monitoring of RFID infrastructure. The functionality of ItemSense can fulfill many use cases. For example, ItemSense can discover an item’s identity and location, which can be used to manage a retail store inventory or to locate items within a medical facility. 

ItemSense has improved algorithms that create more sensitive transition points, identification of which “lane” the RFID tags are in, and focus on the assets that matter (ignoring stray reads). Enhanced communication capabilities allow for data transmission with multiple communication protocols, and a revised platform has simplified the process for applying parameters to your configuration, making it easier to implement ItemSense in ever-changing environments.

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Why buy this software?

Impinj ItemSense™ is a software platform that simplifies management and monitoring of RFID infrastructure by providing a graphical user interface (GUI) and simple-to-use APIs. 



  • Discover and configure readers and gateways, monitor device health, and automate firmware updates.
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate open APIs for data integration.
  • Monitor the health of the readers.
  • Discover the identify and location of tagged items and track them.
  • Capture configuration into storable units.
  • Apply a predefined configuration to the readers during the execution of jobs.
  • Collect tag data and make it available for use by upstream applications.
  • Filter, process, and enrich incoming tag data with an item’s real-time identity, location, and authenticity.
  • Support for the new EU2 frequencies and higher power output levels on applicable Readers and Gateways.
  • Small, fast, and flexible installer with the ability to install to a custom directory.
  • Ease of installation with a new streamlined threshold tuning interface.
  • Support for variable power setting per antenna in Threshold mode.
  • Improved threshold algorithm to exclude weak data during settling time to reduce the impact of reflections.



ItemSense will have a perpetual licencing model for a one-time fee per server and per reader/gateway. The first year of maintenance is included. Starting at year two customers may choose to subscribe for annual maintenance.


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