Barcode Scanners

More about Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are electronic devices specifically designed to capture and decode information contained in a barcode. These devices send that information along to a computer database, either through wired or wireless connections depending on the model of the scanner. Once transmitted, businesses can use this information to reduce errors and improve operational performance throughout their entire organization.

Barcode scanners are categorized based on their functionality and form factor including: handheld barcode scanner guns, 2D barcode scanners, corded, cordless, presentation, barcode scanners with keypad, mobile computers, in-counter, wearable, sled, and fixed mount. Each form factor offers advantages and features designed for specific environments, applications, and industries. Available in various configurations, industrial barcode scanners are ideally suited for a wide variety of industries and applications around the world such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, grocery, and postal delivery services.

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