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Zebra RS419 Ring Wearable Scanner

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Zebra RS419 Ring Wearable Scanner

Built with a rugged design for everyday dependable operation, the Zebra RS419 Ring Wearable Scanner captures virtually any 1D barcode, in practically any condition. Equipped with Zebra's patented Adaptive Scanning technology, the RS419 scanner automatically toggles between a wide and narrow scan angle until a barcode is detected. Users can zoom in on barcodes as far as 4.5 m (15 ft) away and zoom out to capture barcodes at near contact for increased worker productivity. With two scanning modes, workers can either pull the trigger once to scan a single barcode, or keep the trigger depressed to continuously scan barcodes. Used in conjunction with Zebra's WT4090 and WT41N0 wearable mobile computers, workers are free to keep their hands and eyes on the items they are handling.

NOTE: The RS419 Scanner is unavailable with UHF RFID technology. This scanner reads 1D barcodes, but does not have UHF capabilities.

Data Sheet  Zebra RS419 Ring Wearable Scanner


What's included?

  • Zebra RS419 Ring Wearable Scanner Unit
  • Cable to Arm Mounted WT4X90/WT41N0 Interface Cable

Why buy this scanner?

Paired with Zebra's WT4090 and WT41N0 wearable mobile computers, the RS419 Ring Scanner offers next generation hands-free scanning to improve operational efficiency in warehouse, distribution center, or retail store environments. This scanner verifies task accuracy and provides real-time inventory information to maintain stock levels and reduce out-of-stocks with a split-second press of the RS419 trigger.


  • Corded scanner with HP engine.
  • Small profile for one finger mounting.
  • Convenient swivel trigger for left or right handed use.
  • Patented liquid polymer scan element with lifetime warranty.
  • Supports Reduced Space Symbology.
  • Two scanning modes: single barcode or continuous scan.
  • Patented Adaptive Scanning technology that enables the capture of barcodes from near contact to 4.5 m (15 ft).
  • Enables  first-time capture of barcodes in different lighting conditions.
  • Advanced scanning algorithms that enable to capture of scratched, dirty, damaged, and poorly printed barcodes.
  • Oversized LED light.
  • Built for life in the warehouse with a durable design and superior impact protection.
  • Can be used in freezer environments.
  • Common applications: warehouse and retail.

Zebra OneCare Support with Comprehensive Coverage

Zebra OneCare Essential delivers the fully featured comprehensive coverage you need to maximize uptime and value of your Zebra device. This service sets the industry bar for service and support, with features that include coverage for accidental damage and normal wear and tear, technical support during your local business hours, access to software updates, and a 3-day turnaround time on repairs.

NOTE: This service is available for purchase within 30 days of your equipment purchase. Purchase of any Zebra OneCare Support Service voids the included standard warranty, resulting in a coverage of three (3) years total. Contact us today for more detailed information.


Recommended Accessories

The following accessories are available for the Zebra RS419 Ring Wearable Scanner. Contact us today for more detailed information on these accessories.

  • Replacement Trigger Assembly
  • Short Replacement Finger Strap (6")
  • Long Replacement Finger Strap (7.8")

Product Details

1D imager
Data Interface:
WT4X90/WT41N0 Interface Cable
Power Source:
Provided by WT4X90/WT41N0 wearable terminal
Scan Mode:
Scan Pattern:
Single bright aiming line
Sensor Resolution:
Not published
Imager Field of View:
Not published
Minimum Print Contrast:
Not published
1D Decode Capability:
1D barcodes
Laser Classification:
650nm LASER 1.7mW peak power (IEC/Class 2/FDA ll in accordance with IEC60825-1: (Ed 2.0)/EN 60825-1:2007)
48.3 x 35.6 x 48.26 mm (1.9 x 1.4 x 1.9 in)
0.0567 kg (0.13 lbs)
Dark grey
Drop Specification:
Withstands multiple 1.2 m (4 ft) drops to concrete
IP Rating:
IP 54
Operating Temperature:
-30° to 60°C (-22° to 140°F)