Barcode Label Printers

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Barcode printers are designed to generate large quantities of labels, receipts, barcodes, and other printed items that can be attached to other objects. Barcode printers typically utilize one of two different printing techniques to apply ink to labels: direct thermal or thermal transfer. Both printing techniques apply heat to the label surfaces. Direct thermal printers apply heat directly to specially coated labels, which causes the paper to turn black. While thermal transfer printers apply heat to a ribbon, which melts a waxy to resin substance on a ribbon. This substance is than transferred from the ribbon to the label.

Barcode printers are available in a variety of form-factors including desktop, mid-range, industrial, and mobile. Each form factor offers advantages and features designed for specific environments, applications, and industries. Available in various configurations, Barcode printers are commonly used worldwide in retail, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, distribution, and healthcare environments.