Avery Dennison RFID

Avery Dennison AD-172u7 UHF RFID Wet Inlay (NXP UCODE 7)



Avery Dennison AD-172u7 UHF RFID Wet Inlay (NXP UCODE 7)

Featuring 22 x 12.5 mm antenna, the Avery Dennison AD-172u7 UHF RFID Wet Inlay is strongly suggested for retail applications where handheld readers are used. Equipped with an NXP UCODE 7 chip that provides enhanced read sensitivity, 128 bits of EPC memory and a 48-bit serialized and unalterable Tag ID number, the AD-172u7 is suitable for tracking items in healthcare applications. This small UHF RFID inlay is also a great solution for jewelry, small apparel items, cosmetics and other goods in retail applications.

Data Sheet  Avery Dennison AD-172u7 UHF RFID Wet Inlay (NXP UCODE 7)


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Why buy this tag?

Avery Dennison AD-172u7 UHF RFID Wet Inlays are designed to provide excellent performance in retail and healthcare applications that require small UHF RFID inlays.


  • Optimized, tested and qualified for excellent handheld performance for use in fashion and fine jewelry retail environments.
  • Common applications include jewelry, supply chain, inventory, logisitics, apparel, retail, pharmaceutical, and healthcare.
  • Equipped with the NXP UCode 7 IC chip.
  • Up to 128-bit EPC and 96-bit Unique Tag Identifier (TID), pre-encoded for multi-vendor chip (MCS) based serialization.
  • High-performance versatile global tag.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
ISO-18000-6C, EPC Class 1, Gen 2
Operating Frequency:
Global (860-960 MHz)
IC Type:
EPC 128 Bits, User 0 Bits, TID 96 Bits
EPC Memory Content:
Unique, randomized number
Max Read Distance:
> 0.91 m (3 ft)
Applicable Surface Materials:
Plastic, corrugated, glass
Tag Form Factor:
Wet inlay
Tag Materials:
Printable PET (Thermal Transfer)
Recommended Ribbon:
Full resin
Attachment Method:
FASSON S-490 adhesive
24 x 15.5 mm (0.945 x 0.61 in)
< 1 g
Operating Temperature:
-40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)