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HF RFID Tags (13.56 MHz, ISO 15693)

SMARTRAC HF RFID tags are a globally accepted solution across a vast array of markets. Equipped with HF 13.56 MHz ISO-compliant RFID technology, SMARTRAC HF RFID tags offer robust performance with short-to-medium read ranges near standard and difficult materials such as metals and liquids.

SMARTRAC HF RFID tags provide great application flexibility and fit-for-function design in the most demanding applications. With a wide selection of antenna choices and protocols, SMARTRAC’S HF RFID tags, are an ideal solution for item-level authentication, asset control, document management, loyalty card, library and media management, public authentication, event and transit ticketing, and healthcare applications.

We continually update and add RFID products to our website; however, if you are unable to locate a particular SMARTRAC HF RFID tag, please contact us , as we will likely be able to provide the product for you. Our highly-experienced sales team is available at all times to guide and assist with your RFID hardware needs.

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