About atlasRFIDstore

Founded in 2008, atlasRFIDstore is the trusted source in the RFID hardware industry. We are a global retailer providing customers a secure, one-stop location where you can buy RFID components for your own systems and applications. We sell name-brand products in virtually every RFID hardware category, so you can build cost-effective RFID solutions across a variety of verticals.

The atlasRFIDstore team focuses on creating the absolute best customer service experience and works with you to select the right RFID equipment for your systems. Our sales engineers are highly trained in RFID and are ready to answer your questions, big and small. While we may not immediately have an answer, we'll diligently work for you to find a solution.

Our offices are located in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. We have customers all around the globe and ship products worldwide. We are guided by our Mission: We help people take their organizations to the next level, by providing on-demand access to IoT, education, technology, and services.

Clients & Testimonials

Atlas RFID Customers


Absolutely first class pre-sales support and advice. Amazing delivery - ordered Wednesday evening and arrived Friday morning (US to UK)."

Richard Leicester, Leicestershire, UK


We've recently changed vendors for our RFID equipment, and I'm very pleased with our service from atlasRFIDstore."

Mike B., Pacorini Logistics, New Orleans, LA


atlasRFIDstore worked with us on the quantities we needed, shipped promptly, and the product came well packed. We've encoded and deployed the tags on our hardware, and I couldn't be happier thus far."

Kevin M., Van Nuys, CA


Consummate professionals! They are exceptional in customer service. Their products are as advertised and go beyond the normal scope of duty. Bottom line the only source for RFID products in my mind."

Michael S., Leo, IN


Item came exactly as promised. They even put together a special quantity pack for our needs!"

Anonymous, Houston, TX


I’ve been buying my RFID tags from atlasRFIDstore for years, and they have the best tags at the best price I have found. I have tried samples from others, but their tags simply cannot be beat. They are reliable, affordable, and they ship fast – what more could you want?"

Chris D., Movies on the Go, LLC., Bloomington, MN


Excellent content, excellent service!"

Anonymous, Phuket, TH


Good price and great delivery!"

Luciano G., Kamloops, BC