RFID Kiosks

RFID Kiosks

Kiosks with integrated RFID systems are used in a variety of different industries for a variety of different purposes. The main purpose of an RFID-enabled kiosk is to read and identify RFID tags, and access relevant, related information.

Integrating RFID technology into an existing kiosk can be accomplished using embedded reader modules and RFID antennas. For more information about embedded reader modules, checkout the guide below.

RFID Kiosk Examples

Library RFID Kiosks

Ideal for checking in/out books and media from Libraries, this RFID-enabled kiosk can create a self-service option that wasn't previously available. High Frequency (HF) RFID tags and readers are ideal for short-range applications like media check in/out stations.

Retail RFID Kiosks

Because the Retail industry is quickly adopting UHF RFID for inventory management, RFID-enabled kiosks are now entering the retail market for self-checkout options. By simply placing the product in the reading area, customers can easily complete the checkout process without the hassle of a barcode scanner.

RFID Check-in Kiosks

Created for airports, RFID-enabled kiosks like this one are used for reading RFID passports for international travel. This kiosk has a built in High Frequency (HF) RFID reader that can easily read the HF tags located in passports.

Need a Refresher on RFID Frequencies?

If you are having trouble remembering the differences between High Frequency (HF) vs. Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID, checkout A Guide to RFID Types and How They Are Used for a quick refresher with the link below.

What Type of Companies/Industries Use RFID-Enabled Kiosks?

  • Car Washes
  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • DVD Rental


What Type of Services can an RFID-Enabled Kiosk Provide?

RFID-enabled kiosks can perform a few different actions after a specific RFID tag is read, depending on the kiosk. Some of the most common RFID-related actions are:

  • Opening a Customer Account
  • Checking In/Out
  • Purchasing
  • Playing a Clip/Movie
  • Opening a Gate or Door



Shipment/Order Verification

Vehicle Identification


Near Field Communication (NFC)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Interact with Vehicles

Tracking Assets

File Tracking

Hospital Asset Tracking

IT Asset Tracking

Laundry & Textile Tracking

Preventative Maintenance

Returnable Transit Items (RTI)

Tool Tracking

Transportation Asset Management

Library Asset Management

Managing Inventory

Herd Management

Hospital Inventory Control

Luxury Inventory Tracking

Logistics & SCM

Retail Inventory Management

Vehicle Inventory Management

Data about People

Attendee Tracking

Race Timing

Sports Metrics

Tracking Attendance

Data about Objects

Telemetry & Sensor Monitoring


Vehicle Data

Access Control: Buildings

Access Control: Vehicles

Access Control: Neighborhoods

Event Management

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