Honeywell RFID Readers

More about Honeywell RFID Readers

Honeywell offers an extensive collection of high-performing RFID fixed and handheld readers. Varying in range and specifications, Honeywell RFID readers are well suited for various applications where real-time visibility is required. Honeywell's fixed RFID readers are designed to meet the highest industry and deployment standards. From reading pallets moving through portals to cartons on high-speed conveyor belts, these readers are rugged, easy to configure, and provide control of peripheral devices and sensors for effective, accurate RFID supply chain management. Honeywell's handheld RFID readers are the perfect, economical choice for when it's more practical to bring the read/write device to the tagged object rather than moving objects past a fixed reader. These readers are ideal for use in the field for asset tracking, field service applications, and use by mobile workers.