BarTender Cloud by Seagull Scientific

More about BarTender Cloud by Seagull Scientific

BarTender Cloud™ by Seagull Scientific helps users centralize and standardize their label printing across their organization and external suppliers/partners, while lowering their IT burden with greater ease of use. With an annual BarTender Cloud™ subscription plan, users can create compliant labels anytime, anywhere with no design experience needed. This labeling solutions works with any modern web browser on Windows PC/laptops and on Android and iOS mobile devices with the BarTender Mobile App. It is ideally suited for companies in any industry with product identification, warehouse, transportation and logistics, or field operations that have labeling needs and want to manage their own IT infrastructure and resources. BarTender Cloud™ is available in two subscription plans each with its own set of unique features: BarTender Cloud™ - Essentials and BarTender Cloud™ - Automation.