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*BarTender Cloud™ subscriptions are delivered electronically via email. The email address entered above will receive administrator access to manage and configure your cloud subscription. Upon order completion, we will contact you for your company's name and address as well as your selected administrator's first and last name, email address, and phone number. This information is required to receive an account activation notice with login instructions. Please note that the email invitation for your initial administrator account is valid for a period of 5 days.*

BarTender Cloud™ - Essentials

Designed for businesses of all sizes, BarTender Cloud™ is a labeling solution that provides a revolutionary way to print and manage labels. This labeling solution helps users centralize and standardize their label operations across their organization and throughout their external supplier ecosystems with greater ease-of-use while reducing IT costs. It offers high-speed printing from desktop and mobile devices with driverless printing and management and allows users to create compliant labels with no design experience needed.  With BarTender Cloud™ achieving true labeling agility comes with ease. Simply select your label, connect your data, and print. Users can seamlessly integrate their current tech stack, manage their security and systems, and access on-demand label printing whenever and wherever it is needed. 

NOTE: BarTender Cloud™ Plans with 1 year of support coverage require a one-time provisioning fee which includes account provisioning, customer success onboarding, implementation support, account configuration assistance, a template label requirements consultation, and two (2) label template designs. This one-time provisioning fee is waived for BarTender Cloud™ subscribes that select 3 year and 5 year support coverage plans. BarTender Cloud™ subscribers with 3 year and 5 year support coverage plans will receive the onboarding and design benefits described above at no additional cost. If you need to print a label quantity that is not listed above, contact us today for a quote.

Data Sheet  BarTender Cloud™ - Essentials


What's included?

  • BarTender Template Library with Built-in Data Connection Assistant
  • Setup Data Entry Forms
  • 2 Custom Label Designs
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Supports an Unlimited Number of Printers and Users
  • Print to any Printer Automatically with BarTender Intelligent Printing
  • Personalized Onboarding Process
  • High 99.9% Availability
  • Essential Support
    • Self-serve Via Community Forums and Emails
    • 4-Hour Urgent Priority Issue Response Time
    • Available During Local Regional Business Hours

Why buy this labeling solution?

BarTender Cloud™ can support any printer and provides a simple, easy yet powerful labeling solution without the need for customers to install and maintain their own IT software and hardware. With BarTender Intelligent Printing, users will not need to install or manage any printer drivers. BarTender Cloud™ will automatically detect connected printers and print using one of nearly 8,000 Seagull printer drivers to deliver a high-performance optimized print job.  For all other printers, print to PDF is available.



BarTender Cloud™ empowers all areas of your labeling operations.

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps with the ability to print anywhere, anytime.
  • Easily create compliant labels - choose from a template or get them designed for you.
  • Optimize label printing by automatically connecting and printing from any printer.
  • Connect your label data without exhausting IT/programming resources.
  • Leverage remote web printing - no software/hardware installation and management.
  • Integrate your business applications (including ERP, WMS, and MES with BarTender REST API.
  • Pay for only what you print to an unlimited number of printers.


Print and manage your labels efficiently.

  • BarTender Cloud helps you standardize and centralize your label printing to reduce label errors and ensure consistent labeling.
  • Your team along with outside suppliers and partners can easily print anywhere from any location in or outside your company.
  • Reduce your IT maintenance cost with no printer driver management required.

Design labels to your needs.

  • Streamline your label design process based on your needs.
  • Choose from our BarTender's standard Cloud Template Library or let the BarTender Cloud Label Design Services team create custom labels for you.

Easily connect your data.

  • Save on time and programming costs.
  • BarTender Cloud makes connecting your label to data with no programming required. 
  • The Data Connection Assistant walks you through step-by-step on creating customizable data entry forms for your print operators to easily and accurately input data at print time.

Integrated to any business application.

  • Reduce programming and IT costs while increasing and optimizing your label workflow with easy, straightforward and flexible connections to your business operations software.
  • Harness the BarTender REST API for fully tailored integration and broad interoperability along with easy file drop capabilities.

Manage your security and systems.

  • Control access and increase security.
  • With BarTender Cloud, you can securely manage and monitor BarTender Cloud through role-based management by easily defining users/groups/roles and their permissions. 
  • Monitor and track your printing and usage history.

Access on-demand, reliable performance.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for on-premise software and hardware, and get your labels printed faster and with more flexibility.
  • Pay only for what you print, with no complicated licensing schemes, so your labeling costs scale alongside your business.
  • No more worrying about disaster recovery, backup, maintenance, and security.

System Requirements

BarTender Cloud™ will work from any supported web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 and 11 PC/laptop, and from an Android and iOS mobile device.

How does BarTender Cloud™ differ from On-Premises BarTender Software?

BarTender Cloud™ has been designed to support label printing and management across multiple distributed internal or external supplier printing locations and requires no on-premises IT hardware/software and a reduced need for IT resources. BarTender Cloud™ is ideal for connecting to cloud databases and integrating with cloud ERP systems with industry standard label templates.

BarTender Software supports 20+ data connections along with local data sources and complex integrations to ERP, WMS, MES, and other business applications. BarTender software also provides custom label design, full workflow approval and advanced security and printer controls. BarTender software requires installation on hardware at printing locations.

Have a question? Check out this frequently asked questions guide.

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