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Vulcan RFID™ HDMNT-100MM Mounting Bracket

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Vulcan RFID™ HDMNT-100MM Mounting Bracket

The Vulcan RFID™ HDMNT-100MM is a heavy duty die-cast aluminum mounting bracket that articulates in both the vertical and horizontal plane. It is designed to hold any device that utilizes a 100mm VESA mounting pattern, or a 63.5 mm pattern (typical in RFID antennas.) Appropriate for use with antennas, enclosures, monitors, this mounting kit includes all of the hardware that you will need to mount directly to a wall or to a pole/mast. This mounting bracket is particularly appropriate for a variety of indoor or outdoor mounting applications. 


What's included?

  • Vulcan RFID™ HDMNT-100MM Mounting Kit Unit
  • Hardware for mounting to wall, pole, or mast included



For the Vulcan RFID™ HDMNT-100MM Mounting Bracket to be used with the Times-7 A6031, Times-7 A6032, and the Times-7 B6031 indoor RFID antennas, the mounting bracket MUST be used in conjunction with a compatible Vulcan RFID™ mounting plate. The compatible mounting plates are listed below. 

This mounting plate requirement is ONLY for the Times-7 A6031, Times-7 B6031, and Times-7 A6032 indoor RFID antennas. A mounting plate is NOT required to mount any of the other antennas listed in the compatibility section above. 

Note: If mounting the Zebra AN610 or Zebra AN620 indoor RFID antennas, please see the Vulcan RFID™ HDMNT-150MM Mounting Bracket.  


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