ThingMagic Gemini HF/NFC Reader Module



*Formerly sold under the brand SkyeTek. This is the same great reader module - just with a new name.*

ThingMagic Gemini HF/NFC Reader Module

ThingMagic's Gemini marks the next generation of HF reader modules. The Gemini is a low-cost, ultra-low power, MIFARE and NFC reader/writer module. With cutting edge ARM Cortex microcontroller and the latest HF transceiver technology, coupled with the reader's intelligent operating system, this is the most versatile HF RFID module at this price point. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, quality is a top priority for all ThingMagic modules.

At about the size of a matchbook, this module can fit into almost any new or existing OEM design. The Gemini is also well suited for battery powered and other power sensitive applications, due to its low power features, including software stand-by mode and deep sleep mode. In addition, the wide input voltage range and highly efficient switching power design make this module perfect for battery-powered applications right off the shelf.

NOTE: This product is a reader module – NOT a finished RFID reader – and is meant for OEM and developers to embed into products or to be used in the creation of a new finished reader. If you are interested in an existing finished reader product, check out our line of finished ThingMagic readers.

Data Sheet —  ThingMagic Gemini HF/NFC Reader Module


What's included?

  • ThingMagic Gemini HF/NFC Reader Module Unit with Integrated Antenna
  • Serial Connector
  • Output for external 50 ohm antenna with 3-wire connectivity

Why buy this reader?

The ThingMagic Gemini HF/NFC Reader Module is one of the first to support not only the extremely popular NFC tags, but also NFC peer-to-peer and tag emulation modes as defined by ISO 18092. This unique ability allows for active data passing between NFC-enabled smart phones, tablets, and other devices.


  • 13.56 MHz HF RFID.
  • Fast integration and time-to-market.
  • Unparalleled investment protection.
  • Cost-effective and highly scalable.
  • Tiny Footprint: 40 mm x 38 mm.
  • Handles complex cryptography.
  • Common blade technology for maximum design & solution flexibility.
  • Greatest tag compatibility, with TagIQ.
  • Minimal power consumption and maximum read range.
  • Software Adjustable Host Interfaces: UART (TTL), SPI, USB, I2C.
  • 4 General Purpose I/O Pins.
  • Simple and intuitive API.
  • Common applications:
    • Medical equipment for healthcare & pharmaceutical industries
    • Industrial equipment
    • Kiosks and vending machines
    • Mobile devices, including printers, handhelds, and sensor networks

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
ISO 14443 A/B (parts 2-4), ISO 18092
Operating Frequency:
13.56 MHz
Transmit Power:
125 mw
Max Receive Sensitivity:
Not published
Max Read Distance:
Up to 5 cm (internal antenna), Up to 8 cm (external antenna)
Max Read Rate:
Not published
Data Interface:
4 input/output
Power Source:
DC: 1.8 to 5.5 V
Antenna Ports:
Single 50 Ohm connection
Internal antenna
40 x 38 x 5 mm ( 1.6 x 1.5 x 0.2 in)
0.0065 kg (0.013 lbs)
IP Rating:
Not published
Operating Temperature:
-10° to 70°C (14° to 158°F)
Host API:
SkyeTek API C, C #, .NET
Demo Software:
SkyeWare 4 Demo Software