Kathrein RFID Antennas

Kathrein offers high-quality passive UHF RFID antennas that meet the needs of virtually any RFID application. Suitable for outdoor use, Kathrein RFID antennas are manufactured with a high degree of protection and compact design for ruggedized environmental applications. Kathrein offers standard UHF RFID antennas with optional control via Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface © KRAI. Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface © KRAI enables advanced intelligent features such as beam switch, polarization switch, or antenna cascading for multiple use cases. Used in conjunction with Kathrein © KRAI enabled RFID readers, Kathrein © KRAI Antennas allow for the use of up to 4 antennas simultaneously.

Kathrein © KRAI Smart Shelf Antennas have two ports to allow for the chaining of antennas together. A maximum of 8 Smart Shelf Antennas can be cascaded at a single antenna port allowing for selective access to up to 32 individual antennas. The phase control elements integrated into the Kathrein Wide-Range 7070 RFID © KRAI Antenna enables static or dynamic adjustments of antenna characteristics. Due to this, automatic switch-over and static polarization can be selected as well as four different polarizations: RHCP, LHCP, horizontal linear, and vertical linear.