Printer Ribbon for Industrial Printers

Designed for use with industrial barcoding and industrial RFID thermal transfer printers, these printer ribbons come standard with a 25.4 mm (1 in) core size. Available in various widths, lengths, and ink formulations these printer ribbons meet the durability requirements of most labeling applications.

 Printer Ribbon
Ink Formulation Label Environment Material Compatibility Print Speed (Inches Per Second)
 Wax Little to no exposure to weak chemicals and/or to some abrasion

Coated & Uncoated Paper

Up to 12
Wax-Resin Moderate to extreme chemical exposure and/or exposure to moderate abrasion

Coated Paper & Matte Synthetics

 Up to 8
Resin Harsh to extreme chemical exposure and/or exposure to excessive abrasion

Gloss Paper & Synthetics

 Up to 6