ThingMagic M2 (HF) RFID Reader Module



*Formerly sold under the brand SkyeTek. This is the same great reader module - just with a new name.*

ThingMagic M2 (HF) RFID Reader Module

The ThingMagic M2 is the industry’s most secure multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module for OEMs and was designed specifically for encrypted authentication across a range of vertical markets. Based on the same security standards used by the U.S. Department of Defense and financial sector, the ThingMagic M2 provides rich HF tag/protocol support and optimal performance for RFID embedded applications.

NOTE: This product is a reader module – NOT a finished RFID reader – and is meant for OEM and developers to embed into products or to be used in the creation of a new finished reader. If you are interested in an existing finished reader product, check out our line of finished ThingMagic readers.

Data Sheet ThingMagic M2 (HF) RFID Reader Module


What's included?

  • ThingMagic M2 (HF) RFID Reader Module Unit
  • MH Form Factor

Why buy this module?

Designed for several applications that share common requirements for tag support, protocol, performance, and security, the ThingMagic M2 (HF) RFID Reader Module combines rich HF tag/protocol support and optimal performance for RFID embedded applications. The M2 is an optimal solution for product authentication and anti-counterfeiting, handheld reading/encoding, inventory management, patron management, asset tracking, and printing/encoding applications.


  • Minuscule footprint – 49% smaller than a business card.
  • Greatest tag compatibility with Tagnostic and TagIQ.
  • Minimal power consumption and maximum read range.
  • Software adjustable host interfaces: UART (TTL), SPI, USB, I2C.
  • 7 general purpose I/O pins.
  • Peripheral devices for encryption algorithms and key storage.
  • Simple and intuitive API.
  • Cost-effective and highly scalable.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
ISO 14443 A/B (parts 2-4), ISO 15693
Operating Frequency:
13.56 MHz
Transmit Power:
200 mw
Max Receive Sensitivity:
Not published
Max Read Distance:
Up to 8 cm (proximity), Up to 16 cm (vicinity)
Max Read Rate:
Not published
Data Interface:
7 inputs/outputs
Power Source:
DC: 3.5 to 5.5 V
Antenna Ports:
Single 50 Ohm connection
70 x 53 x 9 mm (2.75 x 2.08 x 0.35 in)
0.01 kg (0.02 lbs)
IP Rating:
Not published
Operating Temperature:
-10° to 70°C (14° to 158°F)
Host API:
SkyeTek API C, C #, .NET
Demo Software:
SkyeWare 4 Demo Software (Downloadable)