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UHF RFID Tags (860-960 MHz)

SMARTRAC UHF RFID tags offer leading performance and memory options in a wide variety of IC platforms. Each SMARTRAC UHF RFID tag contains a unique TID and a broadband RFID antenna design that allows end-users to reach and consistently sustain high levels of performance in all the globally recognized UHF frequency regions. SMARTRAC’S UHF RFID tags allows companies and businesses to track and identify products accurately and cost-efficiently throughout the supply chain at item level specificity. SMARTRAC UHF RFID tags are an ideal solution for supply chain management, logistics, baggage handling, industrial and manufacturing, brand protection, inventory management, retail item-level, asset tracking, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and consumables authentication applications.

We continually update and add RFID products to our website; however, if you are unable to locate a particular SMARTRAC UHF RFID tag, please contact us , as we will likely be able to provide the product for you. Our highly-experienced sales team is available at all times to guide and assist with your RFID hardware needs.


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