Interact with Objects

Interact with Objects

Using RFID to Power Interactive Experiences with Objects

RFID can be used to allow people via smart devices, to interact with a specific item because it gives the item a unique ID and pertinent information. For example, a poster advertising a band on a specific night can go from simply visually interactive to digitally interactive with the addition of RFID. By applying an NFC tag on the poster, consumers can tap the tag using their NFC-enabled smart device and be directed to a URL with more information, a ticket website, or a YouTube video featuring the specific band. Allowing ordinary objects or products to be interactive greatly enhances the user experience.

If this is your first time learning about RFID, or if you need a refresher, checkout our beginner’s guide to RFID.

Examples of Interactivity

RFID In Marketing

Drive Consumers to Your Store or Event
Through: RFID Tagging Ads, Posters, Direct Mail

NFC Interaction

Drive Consumers to Take a Certain Action Through: RFID Tagging Products & Displays

Internet of Things

Create Ease-of-Use & Enhanced Functionality Through: Creating Smart Products

What Type of RFID is Used to Interact with Objects?

The type or frequency of RFID that is used for applications that enable interaction with objects is mainly NFC and UHF RFID. NFC is more commonly used for interaction purposes because the tags can be conveniently read with NFC-enabled smart devices. NFC applications only need a distance of a few inches to be read, while UHF RFID is used when more distance is required.

How is an Application like this Set Up?

Since a large percentage of people worldwide own smartphones, NFC applications are extremely accessible to a large market. NFC tags are easily placed on objects, which allows consumers to interact objects in new ways using their smart devices. These objects could be products, product packaging, mail, advertisements, or posters and the NFC tag can direct their smart device to virtually any URL.

Because UHF RFID readers are not integrated into smartphones like NFC readers, UHF RFID applications that provide interaction usually give consumers the tag, while the business or company provides the UHF RFID hardware. For example, Car Wash memberships are popular interaction UHF RFID applications that provide members with a UHF RFID tag for placement on the member’s vehicle. Once the vehicle arrives at the car wash kiosk, the integrated UHF RFID reader/antenna scans the vehicle’s windshield for the unique UHF RFID tag. When the reader reads the vehicle’s tag, it automatically identifies the vehicle and the member’s account information, and can be set to simply open the gate or provide the member questions on the kiosk related to their preferences.

Learn About RFID-Enabled Interaction Applications

Drive customers to tap and digitally learn more about your company or product instantly.

Enable customers to learn more about products, events, or drive them to take a certain action.

Connect products to smart devices in order to create new, improved product functionality. Coming soon

Tag a customer or loyalty member's vehicle to create a better, overall customer experience. Coming soon



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