​Product Updates – August 2020

​Product Updates – August 2020

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Welcome to atlasRFIDstore’s monthly series aimed toward keeping the RFID community informed for continued RFID application success. Each month a new article will cover new products as well as significant product updates from the previous month.

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1. Honeywell IH21 Handheld RFID Reader

Honeywell IH21 Handheld RFID Reader

Type of Product: Handheld RFID Reader

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Typical Applications: Retail, Inventory Management, Inventory Picking, Order Verification

What’s Important: Provides an additional mobile arm for Honeywell’s Mobile Computers to create a robust RFID solution, with a Circularly Polarized antenna.

Compatible with Honeywell’s D75e, CT40, or ScanPal EDA50 mobile computers, this handheld reader is designed to work as a system’s ancillary arm for applications that need a mobile extension. An advanced circularly polarized antenna design and light-weight aesthetic make it ideal for retail applications like picking, back-room inventory, inventory cycle counts, product receiving, or omni-channel order fulfillment.

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2. Honeywell IF2B RFID Reader

Honeywell IF2B RFID Reader

Type of Product: Fixed RFID Reader

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Typical Applications: Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Applications in Need of GPIO Functionality

What’s Important: Compact size, with a key focus on keeping ancillary equipment and installation costs low.

Ideal for enterprise or industrial environments, the IF2B is small and lightweight with high-performance specs such as:

• Up to 13 meters read range 

• A read rate of up to 1,000 tags per second 

• A maximum 30 dBm transmit power

Best for applications with multiple read points, this reader is low-profile, supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), and has the ability monitor and control peripherals without external equipment.

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3. Honeywell IP30C Handheld RFID Reader for CN70/70e Mobile Computer

Honeywell IP30C Handheld RFID Reader

Type of Product: Handheld RFID Reader

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Typical Applications: Warehouse Operations, Asset Management/Tracking, Retail, Inventory Management

What’s Important: Provides an additional mobile arm for Honeywell’s Mobile Computers to create a robust RFID solution, with a Linearly Polarized antenna.

Compatible with Honeywell’s CN70/70e mobile computers, the IP30C handheld reader provides an additional snap-on mobile component with near/far field imaging, multiple network-communication options, and connects via Bluetooth to mobile computers. This handheld reader is built for outdoor or rugged warehouse operations like asset management, inventory management, field service, order picking, and exception handling.

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4. Times-7 SlimLine A5020 Near-Field Antenna (Global)

Times-7 SlimLine A5020 RFID Antenna

Type of Product: Near-Field Antenna

Manufacturer: Times-7

Typical Applications: Access Control, Smart Shelving, Check-in/Check-out

What’s Important: Extremely close and compact read range, ideal for tap and touch applications where too much read range can be a problem.

Rated IP 68, the Times-7 Slimline A5020 can be used in most application environments and can be mounted via flush or VESA mounts. With a maximum read range of 10 cm, this antenna is ideal for applications that need a very small and defined read area, where mitigating stray tag reads is extremely important.

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5. RFID Reader Setup Service

RFID Reader Setup Service

Type of Product: Product Service

Manufacturer: atlasRFIDstore

Typical Applications: All applications

What’s Important: No guesswork in setting up an RFID Reader, additionally schedule a remote session with a specialist for configuration.

This setup and configuration service is available for most Impinj and ThingMagic RFID readers, as well as select readers from TSL, Alien, Identix, and Turck. Click the link below to see all the readers that qualify.

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6. atlasRFIDstore Library NFC Sample Pack

Library NFC HF RFID Sample Pack

Type of Product: Sample Pack

Manufacturer: Variety

Typical Applications: Library Management

What’s Important: Test a variety of NFC/HF tags that were designed for library management applications

This sample pack contains 2 unique tags, the  Smartrac StingRay NFC/HF RFID Inlay, and the Smartrac Block Lite NFC/HF RFID Inlay - both which are used frequently in Library Tracking Applications. Both of these Inlays are both NFC (NDEF) and HF compatible.

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7. Confidex ESD On-Metal RFID Label

Confidex ESD On-Metal RFID Label

Type of Product: RFID On-Metal Label

Manufacturer: Confidex

Typical Applications: Most Applications that require a metal mount, rugged, and printable RFID label

What’s Important: Superior performance on ESD plastic and metal, and can be used on curved surfaces

The ESD On-Metal Label is a rugged (IP 68 rated) metal-mount and ESD plastic mount label. This metal-mount label is printable via a variety of SATO, Zebra, or Printronix RFID Printers, and has a read range of up to 9 meters on ESD Plastic.

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8. Alien Short RFID Clear Wet Inlay (ALN-9962, Higgs-9)

Alien Short ALN-9962 RFID Wet Inlay

Type of Product: RFID Wet Inlay

Manufacturer: Alien

Typical Applications: Identification, Warehouse Management, Retail Apparel Tracking/Management, ID Cards/Access Control

What’s Important: The new Higgs-9 chip in a reliable and efficient form factor, the Alien Short design

With a compact form factor, the Alien Short antenna design has been upgraded to the all new Higgs-9 chipset. The Higgs-9 chipset has increased sensitivity, reliability, and an all new expanded memory capacity with a User memory bank of 688 bits, which can be reallocated to the EPC memory for an expanded EPC memory bank.

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