Xerafy Cargo Trak II RFID Tag



Xerafy Cargo Trak II RFID Tag

The Xerafy Cargo Trak II RFID Tag is an extremely durable RFID tag ideally suited for outdoor and industrial use. Manufactured with a rugged casing, the Cargo Trak II Tag offers a new level level of durability that ensures and improves tag lifetime of up to 10 years, even in harsh industrial environments. The Xerafy Cargo Trak II Tag can be attached using high-performance adhesives, via a rivet hole, or using a cable tie.

Data Sheet — Xerafy Cargo Trak II RFID Tag


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Why buy this tag?

Based on the Alien Higgs-3, the Xerafy Cargo Trak II is an extremely durable RFID Tag that provides industry-leading performance and up to a 12-meter read range on metallic surfaces. The Cargo Trak II offers a rugged casing for outdoor and industrial use.



  • IP 68 rated.
  • Superior reader range.
  • Offers high-performance on and off metal.
  • Cost-effective RFID tag.
  • Common applications: freight container management, outdoor assets tracking, heavy equipment inspections, and RTI management.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
ISO18000-6C, EPC Class 1, Gen 2
Operating Frequency:
FCC (902-928 MHz), ETSI (866-868 MHz)
IC Type:
Alien Higgs-3
EPC 96 bit, User 512 bit, TID 64 bit
EPC Memory Content:
Unique, randomized number
Max Read Distance on-metal:
Up to 12 m (39 ft)
Max Read Distance off-metal:
Up to 6 m (20 ft)
Applicable Surface Materials:
Metallic and non-metallic surfaces
Tag Form Factor:
Hard tag
Tag Materials:
Anti-UV industry grade polymer
Attachment Method:
Rivet hole
100 x 26 x 8.9 mm (3.94 x 1.02 x 0.35 in)
41 g
Operating Temperature:
-40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)