• Vulcan RFID Power Mapper | VUL-MAPPER
  • Vulcan RFID Power Mapper | VUL-MAPPER
  • Vulcan RFID Power Mapper | VUL-MAPPER
  • Vulcan RFID Power Mapper | VUL-MAPPER
  • Vulcan RFID Power Mapper | VUL-MAPPER

Vulcan RFID™ Power Mapper


Vulcan RFID™

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Vulcan RFID™ Power Mapper

The Vulcan RFID™ Power Mapper is a pocket size device that helps to map an RF field up to 14 meters in range for an RFID application. Only using RF power, this device is very sensitive and is capable of showing constructive and destructive interference patterns caused by multi-path. It works with all known European (ETSI), North American (FCC), and additional UHF RFID frequency readers and can indicate to the user where a Gen2 tag may or may not be readable. With the Vulcan RFID™ Power Mapper you're no longer working in the dark. This meter is specially designed to show nulls in the UHF radio field at large distances from the antenna. You will find it hard to believe how large the signal variation can be, even quite close to the antenna. The meter will show polarization effects and destructive null cancellations, ground, and water absorption. The meter relies on the power in the radio waves, and therefore will not fail during a reading or have a flat battery. Almost 100% of the signal on at the antenna is shown on the meter, giving a massive 14+ meters (45+ feet) range. 

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What's included?

  • Vulcan RFID™ Power Mapper Unit

Why buy this product?

The Vulcan RFID™ Power Mapper is a worldwide battery-free RFID Field-Mapper and Power-Meter, designed specifically for RAIN Gen 2 UHF tagging systems. This device will help take some of the guess-work out of your RFID system by indicating read zones, null zones, as well as constructive interference areas.


  • Pocket size.
  • Accurately maps the RFID field for reliable installations.
  • Detect which antennas are transmitting.
  • Wide frequency range from 860 MHz to 955 MHz.
  • Works with all Gen2 UHF RFID readers.
  • Modulation output for oscilloscope use.
  • DC Level output for data logging or voltmeter.
  • 0dBm measurement reference, factory CAL.
  • No power or battery required, powered by RF energy.
  • Range SET adjustment 0 to 14 meters (45+ ft).
  • -6dB attenuation switch for antenna testing.
  • Power level range is 10mW to 4W EIRP.
  • RoHs compliant and EN60950 safety compliant.
  • Shows approximated radiated power.


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