Unboxing & Mounting the Vulcan RFID S9025PL UHF RFID Antenna

Welcome to this video about the Vulcan RFID S9025PL UHF RFID Antenna. In this video we will introduce this UHF RFID Antenna, walkthrough its specifications, review the mounting options, and then mount this antenna to a pole. To watch this video on YouTube, click here.

Video Script

Hi and welcome to this video where we will introduce, unbox, and mount the Vulcan RFID S9025PL UHF RFID Antenna.

The Vulcan RFID S9025PL UHF RFID Antenna is a high-performance, circularly polarized, RFID antenna in a small form factor. With a medium gain of 5.5 dBiC, and a wide beamwidth of 100 degrees on both planes, this antenna is ideal for creating a wider read area for RFID applications that don’t require quite the amount of distance available with a high gain antenna. The S9025PL has two threaded studs on the back, and between those is the N-Type Female connector. Because of the unique center location of the threaded studs, a specialized mounting bracket must be used such as the RFMAX ALLPMTE.

The ALLPMTE-001 and ALLPMTE-002 were made specifically for the S9025PL and can easily be attached and used, AND both pole mounting and wall mounting pieces are included with this kit and the antenna. I’m going to go ahead and take all of the pieces out of the box, connect the mounting kit to the antenna, and then mount this antenna to a pole.

It’s important to note, that this mounting bracket will only fit on a pole that is greater than 2 inches in diameter.

Here are all of our parts. As you can see, this kit comes with 3 main pieces, 2 screw hose clamps for pole mounting, and a few parts for connecting.

Mounting the Vulcan RFID S9025PL UHF RFID Antenna

Step 1

First let’s connect the 3 main parts to create the antenna mounting bracket, which are the mounting plate, back plate, and the arm. Remember, when assembling these parts, keep the raised surfaces together for a better hold. First, connect the arm to the back plate via one bolt, a spring washer, flat washer, and a nut. Then, connect the arm and the mounting plate using the same items.

Step 2

Now let's connect our completed antenna mounting kit to our Vulcan RFID S9025PL UHF RFID Antenna. Similar to a few other RFID Antennas, the antenna itself actually comes with the parts needed to attach it to the mounting bracket.

Slide your Vulcan RFID S9025PL onto the mounting bracket like this, and then attach the mounting bracket to the antenna via 2 flat washers, 2 spring washers, and 2 nuts.

Now that the antenna and the mounting bracket are connected, this antenna can easily be mounted to a wall, like this. Or to a pole by sliding the screw hose clamps through these holes on the mounting plate - like this.

Then simply tighten the screw hose clamps around the pole to ensure that the antenna stays in place.


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