RFMAX Mounting Bracket for 5"x 5" RFID Mini-Antenna (Black)

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RFMAX Mounting Bracket for 5"x 5" RFID Mini-Antennas

A specially designed bracket for the RFMAX antennas such as the 9025PR, 9025PL, S8655PR, & S8655PL, this mounting bracket is black and fully articulating. This antenna bracket is specifically designed to provide a wide range of articulation and flexibility in both the azimuth and elevation planes, and ships with both wall and pole / mast mounting hardware. The mount may be used on any vertical wall or mast up to 2 inches in diameter. For best results, mount the antenna near the center of the coverage area. A line-of-sight path between the antenna and active floor locations generally works best. Although 900MHz RFID signals penetrate cubical dividers and interior walls with little attenuation, reinforced block walls, banks of metal cabinets or steel shelving may attenuate signals or cause multipath conditions where reflected signals interfere with the primary signal path. 

What's included?

  • RFMAX mounting bracket unit
  • Hardware included (Nuts, bolts, washers, mast, and clamps)

Why buy this mounting bracket?

This RFMAX mounting bracket is the easiest and quickest way to mount your RFMAX mini-antennas.


  • Allows the antenna to articulate, resulting in better coverage pattern.
  • Can be mounted on any vertical wall or mast up to 2 inches in diameter, depending on the model.