Unboxing & Mounting the Vulcan RFID PAR-90209H UHF RFID Antenna

Welcome to this video about the Vulcan RFID PAR90209H UHF RFID Antenna. In this video we will introduce this UHF RFID Antenna, walkthrough it's specifications, review the mounting options, and then mount this antenna to a pole. To watch this video on YouTube,  click here.

Video Script

The  Vulcan RFID PAR90209H Outdoor UHF RFID Antenna is a circularly polarized, high gain antenna, suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The PAR90209H is a right-hand circularly polarized antenna with a 9 dbiC gain, and a 70 degree beamwidth on both planes. It has a weatherproof design and is also UL 94-V2 rated for flammability, and is rated IP 67. It has 4 threaded studs on the back and terminates in an N-Type Female connector.

The Vulcan RFID PAR90209H is a large antenna that is 10.2 inches long, 10.2 inches wide, and about 1.32 inches thick and weighs almost 2 and a half pounds.

Similar to most  RFID antennas, the PAR90209H can be mounted to a wall or a pole a mount, depending on the application. Because of this antenna’s size and it’s 63.5 millimeter threaded stud pattern, the Vulcan RFID HDMNT-100MM mount is the recommended mounting kit for both wall mounting and pole mounting. The HDMNT-100 comes in a few pieces out of the box, but is general pretty easy to assemble.

I’m going to take this mounting kit out of the box now, put it together, attach it to our pole, and then connect it to the Vulcan RFID PAR90209H.

Here are all of our parts. When it comes to the small items,I’ve grouped the like pieces together and then further grouped them by what they connect. These larger pieces over here connect the mounting kit together, while these smaller pieces over here connect the antenna to the mounting kit. However because of the size of the threaded studs on this particular antenna, we will not need these small pieces today - instead we will use this bag of pieces that comes with your Vulcan RFID PAR90209H. These pieces will not be in the HDMNT-100MM mounting kit, so be sure to locate this small kit when you receive your antenna.

This arm you will only need if you want to add an extension, which is typically most often done when mounting to a wall, so we will set this aside.

Mounting the Vulcan RFID PAR90209H RFID Antenna

Step 1

I’m going to go ahead and use one of these shorter bolts, a flat washer, a spring washer, and a nut to connect Part 1 to Part 10. Remember to keep the raised surfaces together so there’s a better hold. I am going to leave this bolt a little loose instead of tightening it all the way so that you have the ability to test the antenna angle for your application.

Step 2

Once you have completed that, the next step is to mount it to the pole. One important thing to mention is that the size of the pole will determine how you place the back piece, also known as piece 11, onto the configuration. For pole sizes of 1” to 1.75” in diameter, attach the back piece with the bottom of the “V” toward the pole, like this.

For pole sizes of 1.75” to 3”, attach the back piece with the bottom of the “V” away from the pole, like this. And for poles that are over 3” in diameter, you need to purchase screw hose clamps for attachment.

Our pole is between 1” and 1.75” so I will face the bottom of the “V” toward the pole, and then use the other two shorter bolts, two flat washers and two spring washers, to firmly attach the back piece. You may need to use the longer bolts for this step, just depending on your pole size.

Step 3

After you have attached the mounting kit to the pole and made sure it is firmly in place, now we will attach the Vulcan RFID PAR90209H to the mounting plate via the threaded studs on the back. It should simply slide in place. Now we will grab the extra kit provided with your antenna that contains the 4 flat washers, 4 spring washers, and 4 nuts and use those to attach the antenna to the mounting plate.

Now our Vulcan RFID PAR90209H is successfully mounted to our pole and I’m going to tighten the back screw that we left a little loose to ensure our antenna was facing the correct angle.


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