Gather Data With RFID

Gather Data With RFID

Gather Data with RFID

One of the primary use cases for UHF RFID is the collection of data on the world around us, including data about people and objects. By applying an RFID tag to an object or placing a tag on a lanyard, bib, or badge, an RFID system can be used to record and report data that can be used to make informed decisions.

If this is your first time learning about RFID, or if you need a refresher, checkout our Beginner’s Guide to RFID.

Data Collection Examples

Cold Chain Storage

Race Timing

Attendee Tracking

Why is UHF RFID Used for Gathering Data?

The low cost of common UHF RFID tags combined with an average read range of around 20 feet makes UHF RFID systems cost-effective for managing data that otherwise would have been collected manually. Manually collecting data takes longer and allows for errors and can lead to incorrect and inconsistent results, which could be very costly for companies and individuals alike.

How is UHF RFID Used for Gathering Data?

UHF RFID can be used a few different ways to gather data, depending on the application. For tracking people, as in Race Timing or Attendee tracking applications, portals can be setup at entrances and exits of rooms, booths, or defined areas like start and finish lines. For tracking objects, the setup would depend on the movement of the object, such as whether or not the object is staying within a facility, or being transported elsewhere. Each time an object or person with an UHF RFID tag is read with an RFID reader and antenna, the tag data and timestamp of the read event is collected and sent to a database to be recorded. Those reads are then processed and turned into usable data via software.

Why is Gathering Data with UHF RFID Different from Other Primary Applications?

Gathering data with UHF RFID is primarily used to make decisions based on the collected data instead of finding, locating, managing, or allowing access to the tagged object or person.

People Tracking

Learn more about using RFID to track individuals at concerts, events, and more.

Object Tracking

Learn more about using RFID to gather data and track objects.

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