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TSL ePop-Loq Mount



TSL ePop-Loq Mount

TSL ePop-Loq Mounts allow your device to be securely attached to ePop-Loq compatible readers, such as the TSL 2128, 2128P, or 2166 Bluetooth UHF RFID Readers. The ePop-Loq® connection allows USB charge and data connections to be passed between the reader and host terminal. This means that both devices can be charged simultaneously, and data can be transferred between devices without the use of Bluetooth®

Note: The Honeywell EDA50 / EDA51 ePop-Loq Mount ONLY allows for charging of the EDA50/EDA51 terminal through the UHF RFID Readers. While other ePop-Loq mounts also support a USB data connection, the EDA50 / EDA51 terminals do not.


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