ThingMagic Izar & Sargas | The Top 4 Common Reader Setup Issues & How to Resolve Them


Welcome to this video about common reader setups issues and how to resolve them - featuring ThingMagic’s Izar & Sargas UHF RFID Readers. To watch this video on YouTube -  click here.

Video Script

We’ve compiled a quick list of the top issues users encounter when setting up the most popular RFID readers on the market. This video will walk you through the top 4 setup issues experienced with the  ThingMagic Izar & the ThingMagic Sargas.

Number 1 - If you have trouble connecting to the Web UI and locating the reader’s IP address in order to connect to the URA, you can use the reader’s hostname or ask the URA Software to scan for connected network readers - like this.

Number 2 - If you have purchased ThingMagic’s RAINstream Software, and it is turned on in the reader’s web UI, you will not be able to connect to the URA. Remember to deselect RAINstream to in order to use ThingMagic’s URA - like this.

Number 3 - You haven’t selected an RFID antenna port. Always remember, whether you are in the reader’s Web UI, ThingMagic’s URA, or ThingMagic’s RAINstream Software, you have to select the RFID antenna port that you are using - like this.

Number 4 - In the Web UI or ThingMagic’s URA, ensure that you are reading RFID tags via the Gen2 protocol rather than the ATA protocol - here’s how to make sure. In the web UI, Click on Settings, Reader, and then look at the box under protocols and make sure that Gen2 is selected.

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