The Zebra FX7500 UHF RFID Reader | Reader Overview


Welcome to this video, today we are going to checkout the  Zebra FX7500 UHF RFID Reader and walk you through some of this reader’s key highlights and features. To watch this video on YouTube - click here.

Video Script

Zebra is a big name in the RFID industry because they make high performance products that last - like their fixed readers, handheld readers, and RFID printer options. In the Fixed Reader category, Zebra has two, high-performance fixed readers - the FX7500 and the FX9600.

RFID Specs

The FX7500 UHF RFID Reader has the highest transmit power available for FCC Fixed Readers, 31.5 dBm, and a max receive sensitivity of -82 dBm. This RFID reader can read up to 1200 RFID tags per second in dense reader mode, meaning it also has one of the top read rates in the industry. This reader is available in both FCC and ETSI EN 302 208 operating ranges.


The FX7500 can be purchased as a 2-port or a 4-port reader and has two data interface options - Ethernet and USB Host, and can be powered via PoE or AC Adapter. Depending on the version purchased, the FX7500 can connect to 2 or 4 UHF RFID antennas via RP TNC Female antenna ports, and both options have an integrated GPIO port with 2 inputs and 3 outputs. The FX7500 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities via communication adapters that can be purchased separately and those adapters are listed in the description below.

The Outside

The FX7500 comes in a sleek and compact form factor that can would suit any type of indoor environment. The FX7500 is 7.7 inches long, 5.9 inches wide, and 1.7 inches tall and weights just under 2 pounds and is strictly for indoor use - because of its IP Rating of 53.

The Inside

The inside of the FX7500 has advanced Zebra-designed RFID radio technology, with a Linux-based architecture, and an LLRP Host Interface Protocol. With 512 MB Flash memory, and 256 MB RAM, flexible firmware upgrade features, and seamless integration with existing IT environments - the FX7500 can simplify deployment and provide best-in-class read performance.


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