When should I invest in an RFID printer?

RFID printers are not for everyone, especially since the cost can be relatively high. In order to decide if and when it is time to buy an RFID printer, you must first determine whether it would be a good return on investment.

If you are getting to the point where you are spending too much time (because time is money), or you are paying someone too much to hand-encode tags, you should consider the benefits of an RFID printer.

An RFID printer can quickly encode tags as well as print a human readable number, logo, or barcode on the face of the tag. Also, It's much more accurate than hand-encoding tags as it removes the element of human error.

If you assign a value to each hour devoted to manually encoding tags, then add up the value of the hours over a year's period, as well as errors made, you can then determine if it is worth investing in an RFID printer.  If the manual encoding costs are higher than the cost of the RFID printer, it may be time to invest in an RFID printer.

In the event that you are buying tags pre-encoded, the situation is a little different.  To calculate the ROI in this case, you must take the difference between the cost of pre-encoded tags and unencoded tags. In low volumes, it typically pays to NOT invest in an RFID printer; however, in higher volumes, investing in an RFID printer is usually the wise choice.

As with the manual encoding process, you should calculate the difference in cost across an entire year in order to obtain a worthwhile figure.  If the difference is higher than the cost of the RFID printer, then it may be time to invest in an RFID printer.


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